Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finals are over!

Ahhhh, finals are over, and we are feeling great. What a huge relief, this was a particularly tough semester for me. Luckily Jon had an easier schedule than usual, so we could have a little balance in our lives. We finished our finals today and are just so happy. This will be the first real break we have had since Christmas. And we are ready for it!
We leave for our adventure tomorrow, heading to Boise for the night. I am looking forward to seeing many family members on this trip, and making some fantastic memories.

I will make a sincere effort to blog about our different experiences.

Jon and I are going to buy some new music for our long road trips between destinations. Current music choices are:
-Regina Spektor's new album
-Ingrid Michaelson's "be ok" album (not so new, but we don't have it yet)
-the 500 days of summer soundtrack
-if there is new snowpatrol or deathcab, then we want it!

any other recommendations before we leave?

We have also checked out 4 books from the library, so that will help us stay covered.

It is rainy as we pack for a sunny vacation. Life is good.


jamie hixon said...

A friend told me about Bic Runga, and I think she's pretty good.
Books on tape are really good for long trips. Especially if the narrator is terrible.

Dave and Lori said...

You are lucky finals are over, I start school in just over a week, so not excited!!! sounds like your road trip will be fun, and you are ready. ENJOY!