Monday, July 20, 2009

approx. 3000 miles

Best Road Trip Ever.
August 14th - August 30th

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We leave the day after summer term ends.
Spend a few days in: Seattle and San Francisco
Visit: the Winchester mansion and the Mystery Spot
Check out potential schools: Washington University, San Francisco State University, and Cal Poly San Louis Obispo
Home: for one week
Wedding: In Vegas on our way back to school
Return: the day before fall semester begins

Hotels are booked.
Car has been tuned up.
Arrangements have been made with multiple family members to bum at their homes.
And we are counting down the days.


Brandon and Bethany said...

yay! We're so excited.. we're point D! :-D

Dave and Lori said...

wow! sounds like you've got it all planned out