Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hike to Y Mountain

The Destination: Y Mountain- see the little Y in the picture?

The view of Provo from the parking lot, at the start of the hike:
Happy Hikers:
Jon waving at me while on the "Y"
Sunburnt. Of Course.

In other news. This happened the other night:
that big branch had already been pulled off of their truck in the morning. We used to park right behind them. Good thing we stopped!

Last night we had a mini-BBQ with Ruth and Devin, since they recently got back from their trip to the Phillipines.
We found a fun dog:
and cooked some delicious burgers:
We like Ruth and Devin.

Summer term has started.
Spring was a success:
Jon, A- in econ and A in functional anatomy
Me, B+ in race and diversity, A in marital relationships

This term Jon is taking: organizational effectiveness and physics
he also landed a sweet volunteer position in the ER of the local hospital, go Jon!

I am taking: abnormal psychology and geological field studies (6 hours of hiking a week, wahoo!) I am also taking a GRE prep class, and will be volunteering at the Utah State Hospital (psychiatric hospital) in the physical therapy department. I am basically doing what Jon has actually been trained to do, but with mentally ill people, instead of only physically ill.

We cannot wait to share our stories from volunteering. I am hoping for some good ones!

Thank you for accepting this rushed post as a sufficient update. Love you all.

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T-Ray said...

You guys are super cute. I have hiked the Y a few times since I have lived in Utah... I don't enjoy that hike though... it is pretty intense. Glad you guys had fun doing it. It is a must do while living in Provo.