Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I think this picture is cute.. we are fixing Jon's tie

Aunt Susan, Auntie Ruthie, Jon and I, Mom, Dad, Aunt Kristy and Uncle Larry

Bruce and Kim Carr, Larry and Debbie Snarr, Us, and Jamie Pratt

My parents and us.. cute

Jon and I went through the temple and got sealed to one another on Saturday, January 24th 2009 in the LA temple. What an awesome experience! This means that Jon and I are no longer married "till death do you part" but for time and all eternity. This is a fundamental part of our faith, and we are happy that we will be together forever.
If any of you are curious about LDS temples, or want more info, you can always ask. The subject of the temple is not secret- meaning it cannot be known- it is sacred. I don't think there was anything that was shocking, or that we hadn't heard at some point during church. Anyway, you can go to this website if you would like to see what the church has to say about temples:,11298,1897-1,00.html.
As a Christian, the temple serves as the ultimate place of worship. Have you ever felt like it is sometimes difficult to feel God near you in a crowd or a rock concert? This doesn't happen all the time, God is always there, but when you are in peaceful sorroundings it is much easier to communicate and feel of God. That is why I consider the temple to be such a spiritual place.

We were soooo happy our family and friends were able to make the last minute trip. Thank you JOY for coming! And Auntie Ruthie, Aunt Kristy, Uncle Larry, Mom and Dad, Aunt Susan, and all of our friends! You made that day extra special.

Well now that we made the quick trip back, we are happy to be settled.. at least for a week. If Jon feels up to date on his studies, then he is going to come with me, Natalie, and her boyfriend Mark, to Las Vegas this weekend. My good friend Brittany, from BYU Idaho, is getting married on the 31st. My other friends Rachelle, Katie and Emilie will also be there. I am definitely looking forward to the trip and am hoping Jon can get enough done to come along!! At the same time, I am trying to get my assignments done early as well. However, it is easy to finish take-home biology tests quickly when you have Jon as a bio-dictionary! Today he answered 60 of my 75 questions off the top of his head, without wikipedia-ing anything. Don't worry, he is teaching me as he goes!! And our teacher said we could ask anyone, haha.
At the end of today I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we are happy and healthy, and very much in love. We miss our family, but are so grateful for their love. We feel it every day. This is an exciting time of life. The other day it hit me for the first time, that I might look back and think that it was difficult to be a full time student, while working, newlywed, living in a place without privacy, and be short in the $money$ department. But it does not feel difficult right now. I hope thats how life continues to be! That I think the situation I am currently in is the greatest, with no idea that even better times are coming.. with a whole new set of challenges.


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Thats awesome! Congrats! What a special day.

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