Monday, January 19, 2009

Blog Friends

Recently I have started to discover friends and family members who have blogs of their own. I have been feeling really creepy reading their info and not letting them know it! So I finally figured out how to have a "blogs I am following" list. I am hoping this will help lower the creepy-ness factor.
I hope our blog will not bore you friends, but I love keeping in touch with all of you!

also- I have made it so anyone can comment on our blog. Mom, that means you can stop facebooking me or calling me 30 seconds after I post :)

thanks everyone!


T-Ray said...

Rachel!! I didn't know you had a blog until I saw that you were following mine! I am so glad, now I can check up on you and make comments on all the fun things you are doing. :o) I love blogging. So fun to see you over Christmas.

Jon and Rachel Van Wickle said...

thanks Tracy! good to hear fromy you

Auntie Ruthie said...

Dear Jon and Rachel,

I had a wonderful time Saturday.
Thanks for inviting me. I also enjoyed getting to know your Tate family and friends.

jamie hixon said...

You are so funny. I'm not creeped out, I'm flattered that you follow my blog.