Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Change is Life

I had written out quite a long post about what has been going on in the past week.. but it got deleted. This is my second attempt.

First, we has such a good time in Las Vegas at my friend Brittany's wedding a couple weekends ago! It was warm, it was great to see our friends, we got to go to Brittany and Brannon's sealing, we went to in-n-out, the wedding reception and then to the Las Vegas strip! I am very glad that we made the trip.

In other news, we will be moving and finding new jobs! asap!

Long story short.. Summerwood hired a professional management company to help improve some of our systems. Since they are now paying these people, giving them all of our responsibilities, and changing around the entire system.. they reduced our income to.. well.. $0. They wanted us to work the same amount of hours we are now, to pay off the rent. Therefore, we have no choice but to leave.
There are mixed feelings here. We have been planning to leave around June, so we are not entirely dissapointed. However, this is definitely not they way we wanted to go about it, nor the time. Moving in the middle of the semester is such a pain. We feel this was all a little "sleezy" as well since there was no warning. But, in better news, we get to have new jobs! And we get to move closer to campus! This is all working out for the best.

In fact, on Saturday, we found an adorable little apartment. It is in a house that has been made into a 4-plex. It is 1 bedroom 1 bathroom, but I think the living room is bigger than the one we have right now. It is old, but it has a lot of character. We really think it will be ideal. It is walking distance from campus, and one of the cheapest apartments we could find. We have been told that we will move in sometime around March 1-15th.

In the midst of all this madness with work and finding a place to live- we had a tenant over-dose on a perscription drug street-named "oxy cotton" to get high. He is currently on life-support, and the latest we heard is that he wrote a word. This is a huge improvement from the first news we got when 5 police cars, a fire truck and ambulance were outside the complex- they said he was dead or would probably die that night. This was very tragic, and though we have no responsibility in this situation, I still feel sad for his roommates, his girlfriend, family and friends. Jon and I really didn't know anything about him other than his name.. but our prayers are with his family.
(I try to keep this blog positive, but I felt the need to write this for my own sake, when we look back at these years from now.)

So all of this has been going on within the past week. I don't think we have ever felt as though our lives have been so crazy. But.. we have been doing better than ever on our exams! I think Heavenly Father is blessing us in the midst of all these trials. I think I'll ask them to keep coming if I keep up these grades.. it feels great!
On Saturday Jon got a 94% on his extreemely difficult accounting class. Way to go Jon! He also got an 85% in physiology, and is taking a bio-mechanics test today.
I am happy with my 90% I got on my "intro to family processes" test today! (apparently the average on that exam is usually a 74%)
And remember the biology tests Jon has been helping me with? WE got a 74/75 and a 71/75!

Thingsare really looking sunny-side up. We have been blessed with health, savings!, time to take our exams, a new place to live, and new opportunities.

Thank you family and friends for your care, and your prayers. We know that they have directly influenced our lives.

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T-Ray said...

Change is sometimes hard, but you are handling it really well! Good job and good luck with everything. Looks like it is turning out for the best.