Tuesday, February 17, 2009

3 day weekend

We were soo happy to get a 3-day break!

Valentine's day was simple and sweet. We ate chocolate and watched our favorite shows. We took a trip to Sandy to get some of the things that were still in the Griffith's garage. I came across the 60 page book of emails I made Jon after 3 months of dating. I read some of them out loud on our car ride home, and it ended up being very romantic. We were so in love so soon! And we knew it was different, right from the start. It was fun to remember our freshman year.

On Sunday our friends Ruth and Devin invited us over for dinner, we had yummy fajitas! Afterwards Devin brought his guitar over and him and Jon played in the music room. We are sad that we are moving right when we are creating a great friendship with them, but I am sure we will keep it up.

On Monday we decided to go snowboarding at Sundance! It is only about 20 minutes away and it a very beautiful drive.
I thought I had been snowboarding before. Sundance was an entirely different experience. It was HUGE, the snow was great, and was a lot more challenging than my day on the bunny hill. Jon was a patient teacher and we ended up having a great time!

It was soo beautiful up there! Completely breath-taking.

Hanging out on the mountain.. this is probably how I spent the majority of my time haha

Snow Kiss

hooray, our photoshoot on the mountain to prove that we did it!

Cute Boarder

Well.. today we are sore and back into our schooling. Life is good. We are waiting to hear when we can move into our new place. We are excited to start anew, and are on the job hunt. We will post more updates when we have more news!

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T-Ray said...

Fun! I still have never been... but should probably try it one of these days. ha ha... just something we are not used to growing up next to the beach.