Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today I had the divine privilege of telling a Hawaiian that his daughter would not be getting her deposit back. First this man questioned by ability to confirm his daughter’s nullified deposit. Then when I told him that I could not (and would not) do anything to change it, he mocked my position as manager based on the fact that I would not take responsibility for his daughters lack of refund. So I politely bid him aloha, and suggested he say aloha to his moolah as well. Luckily this winner lives in Hawaii, so I don’t have to worry about him popping in to bombard me with any more of his twisted logic.

On the Upside, Summerwood Condos is over 90% full, he Civic has five new tires, and we got paid today. So Life is good.


Joy said...

That Hawaiian sounds like pilikia.
Glad to hear that you sent him on his way and now you are having a
love from you greatest fan!!!

Joy said...

I am happy for the you really have 5 new tires? That is great:-)

Rory said...

Don't be messin' with the big Hawai'ians bra. It's noooo good. (Read with a Hawai'ian "accent" if you will.) Unless you're never gonna see them again. Then it's alright. Fun story big brother.