Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jon and I are officially calling Summerwood Condos "temporarily full". This means a lot of people have reserved spots since there are so few left, and are completing their contracts and bringing in their deposits. Unfortunately, some of these people will fall through. So, we've created a waiting list, and we are looking forward to when we will be permanently full.

Jon and I are all registered for this fall, and are looking forward to our classes.

Jon's Schedule:
Entrepreneur Lecture Series
First Aid

Rachel's Schedule
*disclaimer* I have currently decided on my major being marriage, family and human development. I've been considering this for a while since it is a kind of focused sociology, which I love. The motivation behind this major is that I will get my masters in marriage and family therapy. Moving on...

Strengthening Marriage and Family
Family Recreation
New Testament
Human Development
Stress Management

Jon and I have set up our classes so that we can tag-team our job. I will being going to class 8:00 am - 11:00am. Jon's classes all start 1:00 pm and after, and vary on how late they go each day. This gives us 2 hours to switch off, which will be especially nice since we want to find a way to take the bus to school. It might even give us time to see each other in the middle of the day, yay!

Jon and I are currently waiting for someone to come in for an after-hours appointment, to get a tour and some information. They are 15 minutes late. So we are glad we had some time to update the blog!

Family- we are starting to think of how we are going to do Christmas. So once anyone solidifies any plans, we would like to know. We definitely plan on finding a way to be in Santa Barbara for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We have to work something out with our assistant managers, because one of us have to be in Utah pretty much at all times. So we'll update everyone when we know about flying or driving or dates, and please keep us updated too! Thanks :) love you guys

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