Friday, August 15, 2008

We are walking and living proof that all of your worst fears for move-outs can all happen in one day... but you can still make it!
This is partially for my own sanity, to go through these stories and laugh at them.
Here are just three of the wonderful events of the past two days:

One girl we thought was supposed to be moved out, but it turns out she had a contract through this fall and winter... and we had no idea. So we got completely full, with no more room left for her.
Solution: We were waiting for the last girl's contract to arrive on the day that this happened, and the mother called, and had not sent it yet. So yay! No agreement! We put this girl on a waiting list for if anything falls through.

A girl came in with her contract. Apparently her friend had signed a contract and was all set, but she hadn't got hers in. We were all full. She got really mad that we didn't reserve her a spot and left.
Solution: At first I felt bad, but then again, she had no agreement with us. I just put her first on the waiting list and told her friend we would keep an eye out to see if anyone fell through with their contract.

We have a guy who has been out of state for many weeks and has his stuff still in his bedroom. We had to move 2 girls in there today. We left many angry messages telling him he could not extend his lease and he needed to get everything out right away. He didn't speak very much english and we were always leaving messages but never talking.
Solution: We finally left a message saying we were going to throw out all of his things. He called back and is coming to get his stuff tonight.

Those are just a few of the situations that make my stomach churn. Luckily, everything ultimately works out.
Jon and I worked until about 8:30 last night and then nursed our tired and aching feet. What a day!

Today I had all of the cleaners, carpet cleaners, and keys organized so I was able to stay in the office. We had about 15 move ins today, so it was nice to be able to stay in one spot.

Anyway, were working hard, and waiting for when we can play hard!

Mom is coming up on Monday and were excited.
Natalie from BYU Idaho is coming next Sunday the 24th and is going to spend 2 nights at our place.
We're excited to see everyone!

Much Love

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