Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today was Rachel and my first day flying solo. Finally being able to take the reins gave the both of us renewed vigor to make our new place seem more like home. Rachel decided that we should purge the office of excess flowers, candles and an archaic, non-functioning computer, while I decided to purge the living room carpet of the mephitic cat pee. As a result of our ambitions, I spent nearly two hours with the Bissell carpet cleaner scrubbing the corners of the stained carpet with the fervor of someone who despises the scent of urine as an accompaniment to a nice dinner. After work, Rach and I went to Target and bought a proper stand for our television, and printed out four wedding pictures to put in our frames.

We finished off the evening with gourmet s’mores , the ingredients for which came in a package from my thoughtful mother. The smores were excellent, made with Trader Joes Cinnamon graham crackers, organic dark chocolate, and vanilla marshmallows, toasted slightly over one of our office candles.


Joy said...

Oh my gosh Jon, your blog made my day! You had your dad and I crying, we were laughing so hard.
Thanks for the start of a great day.
your biggest fan!

Michaela said...

Jon!!! To relieve the carpet of the mephitic cat pee, I use Nature's Miracle (Just for Cats-Stain and Odor Remover) It works miracles, literally, hahaha. It permanently eliminates all stains and odors - even odors others products fail to remove. love ya