Sunday, July 13, 2008

It has been a while since we've written, but we have been very busy! Our new job keeps us active from 10 am to 4 pm, truly never a dull moment. Jon and I appreciate being busy and feel a lot of success from the work we get done. However, we are never even close to finished by the end of the day! And while we're glad we've had a couple of of weeks to train with the past managers, there are now too many cooks in the kitchen. While we wish they hadn't left us with some problems, we hope things will smooth out in a couple of months. In other words: we are looking forward to the day when the people who are mad at us are actually mad at us for things we've done. Every day we have a new story, I wish we could tell them all.

Last night we had a double date with James and a new interest of his. We went to Trafalga and played some mini golf and arcade games. Then we did "iron chef" where the couples are given an ingredient for a dessert and can't spend more than $7 to make it. Our ingredient was marshmallows, so we made our own rendition of s'mores. James and his date made a weird version of rice crispy treats. We found its funner to be creative rather than make something totally delicious. It was a fun night.

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