Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, family and friends!
Easter is such a beautiful holiday, for me it represents all things new. I love that it is in spring time, when new flowers are popping up everywhere. Jon and I even saw some baby geese the other day, it was perfect.

Things have been busy the past couple of weeks, this quarter is proving itself to be my most difficult yet. Academically its not off-the-charts, but 15 credits alongside 15-20 hours a week of work is taking its toll (I am finding therapeutic work to be much more tiring than anything I've done before). I am thankful I have Jon to keep things in perspective. The other day I was lying in bed thinking about the priorities in my life when I realized work came no closer than fifth on my list. Its all about balance.

Jon and I enjoyed our weekend and tried our best to give ourselves a break. After working on school work on Saturday, Jon took me to the local Smiley Library. It was possibly the cutest library I've ever seen- the building is old and charming. We got library cards and checked out some fun books (even one for me to read on the weekends).

We also made Easter Baskets for each other. This was fun because Easter definitely has the best candy of any holiday. It was fun to pick things out for each other and to share.

Have you guys had these mini-eggs? Because seriously, they are a-ma-zing. If you didn't get any for Easter I recommend them. Jon and I are big fans of cadburry, but this has to be one of our favorite things. They are simple but delish.

I love to make Jon take awkward photos...

I am a dork...

We taught our little primary kids today and they were all way too excited about candy and eggs to pay us too much attention, but I think we might have gotten just a little bit of the true meaning of Easter into their heads.

He is risen.

We have been relaxing today, reading our books and making our calendars for the upcoming week.

I hope this week will be productive and positive for ourselves and for you.


Melissa F said...

Oh Rachel, you're so cute! I'm glad you had a fun and relaxing Easter! :) Miss you!

doublejtate said...

Hahaha JOn! We miss you guys!

Alice said...

Um, do I KNOW those eggs???? Of COURSE, they are only my fav!!! I agree, Easter candy is the bestist. I'm SO excited to be working with you, you know that? =)

Courtney said...

I love those eggs, too! We opted out of celebrating the traditional way this year as far as baskets go, but they are definitely on the list for next year! You guys are so cute! What a fun and relaxing weekend. :)