Sunday, April 10, 2011


Jon took the MCAT yesterday! Finally, it is over! (So long as there is a score over 30, haha)

Jon said he felt like he focused well. He also said it was really difficult. He really appreciated the prayers and support of family and friends- he really felt like that gave him confidence and calm. Now he can confidently say he thinks he will get a score somewhere between a 25-40. We laugh because that is a HUGE range. You never really know. We will find out in about 30 days.

That was our big news of the week.

To celebrate we went and saw The King's Speech (re-opened in theaters as a pg-13 movie, yay!). It was fun to have a night out and we looooved the movie.

Thanks everyone for your love and support as Jon prepared for this exam. It really meant the world to both of us.

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Melissa F said...

yay for finishing the MCAT! and i'm hoping to see The King's Speech soon- i was so happy they released it as pg-13. :)