Thursday, December 2, 2010

What a Week...

Isn't it funny how sometimes we loose sight of what is positive in our lives? There is this term "eustress," meant to define stress that comes from things that are positive. Sometimes it is harder to be understood when you're experiencing eustress, everyone is so happy and excited for you that you feel guilty being.. well... stressed out.

Case in point: We are so happy Jon got a job. But starting a new job is stressful, especially when it is commission based. I am so happy he got the opportunity to go on a business trip to a new sales area during his first real week of being there. But I have been missing him here at home.
But hearing Jon got his first sale? Totally worth it.

School is amazing, I am so blessed to be in such an amazing program. But getting super sick during the last few weeks of class? Yuck. Having seven pages done for a paper feels amazing, but not so amazing once you realize you have to reach 20 pages until you're done.
But I know that when I am done with this quarter, I will have earned my grades.
Totally worth it.

Attitude is everything- especially when things are looking dim. I know the Lord has been looking out for Jon and I, I know we are in the right place, and goodness we are learning a lot.

Thankfully, with everything that has gone on this week, I had this stuck in my head all day...


Its really worth a listen.


T-Ray said...

You have such a great attitude. This post could be a commercial or something or.. maybe it should be, but that is what I was thinking of when I read it. :o)

doublejtate said...

You're so amazing Rach. You and Jon will always be wonderful examples to us. Love you both. Thanks for the song!