Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hello Christmas Break

Finals are over. Whew. I only had three exams, but they were big, ugly and challenging exams. So nice to have those out of the way.

I also wrote many major papers that were due a week or so ago.
There was lots of this going on....

I took this picture to try to capture my need for organization. Each highlight color represents a different section of the paper (left side- paper outline), highlighted parts are research findings that support that section of the paper (middle), and the little screen (right) has my actual paper being written.

I counted up all of the papers I did this quarter. By the end, without counting title pages or references, I wrote 90 pages total. (I believe it was something like 113 with title pages and references included). The good news is my professors think our class is really good at writing, twice we were told we wrote the best papers they have ever read by students! I got full points on my 20 (ended up being 23) page paper and that felt really really good.

So now one quarter is over and I am happy. I feel happy with how I did in my classes, I learned so much and have made some really fantastic friends. Starting in January I will be doing group therapy (through a program called why try) with kids in foster homes and I will be meeting clients from the local community in the school's mental health facility. After this break... I know I will be pumped for this. I can't wait to share stories on the blog.

I am already loving being on break; I've only had one day so far. I've been cleaning the apartment and it feels so refreshing. I am trying to get in the spirit of Christmas and really appreciate this time I have off. I am excited for Jon to get home tonight and I am looking forward to a lot of Christmas baking.


T-Ray said...

Hooray for a break! You deserve it!

Natalie and Mark said...

Your awesome-I'm glad your loving your program!

Courtney said...

Yay for breaks! It sounds like you're one hard working lady! Your program sounds like so much fun. It almost makes me want to go to grad school... almost. :)Hope you're baking lots of yummy treats! I always enjoyed the goodies you brought to work.