Friday, June 12, 2009

Recent Accomplishments

Quick Update for my dear family and friends:
-last week we hosted a pot-luck get together with the people I work with, at Bridal Veil Falls. Despite the gusts of wind and kind of yucky weather, I would call it a success. We made hamburgers and s'mores.
Here is a picture of how strong the river was!:

And of course Jon had to climb the falls:

- Jon and I had our last full week of school. Monday is our last day, and then finals. Hard to believe isn't it?

-We got Willy, our car, fixed. We replaced his timing belt, accelerator belt, lots of other random belts and something to do with the A/C. I am sure Jon could tell you in more detail. After doing all of that and paying Jon's tuition, were just proud to say we still have our head above water.

-Jon and I are tentatively planning the best, most awesome road trip ever. More information to come later...

-Last night, after a hard week of finishing up big assignments and exams, we put lots of blankets on the floor- popped in a movie, and ate some pizza. It was just what we needed.

-Jon and I still like each other. A lot.

Love you all!

ps congratulations Kaitlin for graduating! We wish we could be there!!


T-Ray said...

Fun! I love Bridal Veil Falls. So pretty there. Sounds like a good time.

Joy said...

We wish you could be as well!