Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have changed my last name to Van Wickle.

Yes, it has finally happened. Do not ask me why it took so long, California is different than Utah. But, what matters is I did it. Now I just have to wait a couple of weeks for my new social security card.

And then I just have to change.. my credit and debit card, my drivers license, school records and anything else that comes up. But no worries, it is offical now.

Ironically... Jon's last name on his social security card is VanWickle. No space. We might have to get that changed as well, so we really can share a last name :)


John said...
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Dave and Lori said...

that's funny it took you so long. I remember what a hassle it was for me to change mine, especially with my new last name being so much harder to spell and say than my last one. lol I guess you have the same problem...