Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jon and I spoke in church today. We were nervous before speaking, but felt great once it was over. I talked fast, but I'm pretty sure I was coherent. Jon spoke slower than I did (thank heavens) and did a great job!! Many people complimented him on his talk.

also, check out Jon's new suit!!
What a stud, thanks for helping mom!!

Also, ownership is being changed for Summerwood Condos! Meaning.. we have a new boss! Who has an accountant. Our old boss will still have a certain percentage of the units, but our new guy holds the majority. We are excited to have an accountant who will get the bills and deposits paid on time. More people means more organization, and these guys seem excited and motivated with their new investment.
For example, our new boss Vincent, said he needed all of the tenants email addresses. I said we could leave notices to get them from our tenants. He went out and made fliers and is raffling off an i-pod for the tenants who turn them in with their email's! Jon and I appreciate the enthusiasm of this guy.

Tonight Jon and I drove up Provo Canyon and picked a random drive off point.

It was really beautiful up there. There was an old train station, park areas, and still water ponds.This is a dark one.. but it its a happy one.

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rormiester said...

You look good with the new hair cut bro. Hey, is that one of those flat bottom ties? It looks like one in the "James Bond Pose" photo. Those things are tight. I'll need to come visit sometime. After Christmas. Maybe in the summer. Later dude.