Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jon and I loved having a 3 day weekend! We saw Indiana Jones and Hancock in the dollar theater on Saturday and Monday.

On Monday we were driving by campus, there is this beautiful pond, and we noticed a little huddle of baby ducks!! Soo cute.
There was good lighting so I took a picture of Jon's new haircut. Good thing you can't see the little nick I left from when the razor comb fell off! Oops, its tiny, I swear.

We bought most of our books and did all of our school business as well. We bought bus passes and figured out our routes. I had never taken the bus by myself before so the first day of school was an adventure. I think Jon and I were more nervous about taking the bus than our actual first day of school.

I had a good first day, only 2 classes. My strengthening marriage and family class seems really involved and I have an enthusiastic teacher. I think this class will relate to many of my other family oriented classes. My New Testament class seems like it will be really great, we're studying from Acts - Revelations. Our teacher is having our reading be done in the King James bible and any other translation we choose, to help in understanding the language and message of the New Testament.

Jon had philosophy and nutrition today. He is really excited for philosophy and is hoping nutrition will be more straight-forward than the ever-changing nutrition advice on the news.

We are excited to see how our classes go tomorrow, we will be sure to give you the rest of the update later.

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