Tuesday, June 10, 2008

property management

Jon and I are very excited, yesterday we got a call from Trevor Woolf, the owner of Summerwood Condos and he said he wanted to meet with us. We were worried, trying to prepare how to best sell ourselves- and we felt positive he was calling back other couples as well for interviews. We were happily surprised when we got there, the current property managers invited us into their home and kept saying things like, "if you get this job, we can leave this table and these chairs for you" and "if you get this job, you can start moving in, in late June". Then the owner came, and told us all three of them unanimously decided that we were the ones for the job. He said we were young and there were other couples with much more experience, but he got the feeling from us that 1. we would take pride in our work, like it was our own and 2. he can trust us. We are very happy and know that there is higher power involved. He had received our thank you email, stating that we really desired to work as a team so we could both finish school. We kept praying that his heart and mind could be expanded to consider and understand our solution. And thank heavens he did! We stayed and talked with the three of them for nearly 2 hours as they swapped stories and laughed. We can tell that this owner has a very big heart and will really be there to help us out. As Jon said, its really rewarding to have a complete stranger choose you and trust you with something so important and sensitive.

take a look at the website, you can see pictures at: www.summerwoodcondos.com

We are looking forward to training next week, and moving in in about 2 weeks.
I, however, am not looking forward to telling that to my current boss today. It is for the best, but I've never quit a job.

Jon and I met with 3 other couples from church last night for family home evening. We played cranium for a long long time, and then called it quits. Jon and I amazingly came in second place, even though we were probably the least competitive couple.

Good things are happening for the Van Wickle's :)


Joy said...

Dear Jon and Rachel
I left my comment on the wrong space. I am so excited for you to get this job. We have all been praying for you two!
lots of love always :-)
mom and dad

Brandon and Bethany said...

Rachel! This is so great! I knew that you wanted this real bad. I am so happy for you guys, what a great oportunity! I looked at the website, and that is a freakin nice first place! Quick question tho.. what are you going to do with FOUR bedrooms?!

Jon and Rachel Van Wickle said...

haha good question. one is the office (with its own entrance, thankfully) so we have that covered. We think we might make one a "music room", to store Jon's drums and such. But basically we're going to need you to come visit so we can house people!!! please :)

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