Sunday, May 29, 2011

MCAT, San Diego, Research & the End of the Quarter

Well, Jon finally got his MCAT scores, yay! He did well, within the top 15% of everyone who takes the exam. He was testing at a slightly higher score but has come to terms with what he got and is excited to apply and get things moving. He is turning his first set of applications (before secondaries.. its a little confusing) on June 1st. Go Jon!

Our anniversary trip to San Diego was divine. It was a well needed vacation. Whenever school gets grueling I think back to the ocean, farmers market, Coronado island and wandering around the boardwalk. Heavenly. I am so glad we took a break.

Yay, love.

I dream of going to the farmers market on Saturday morning and getting flowers for floral arrangements... particularly with sunflowers. One of my favorites.

Ocean... I miss you.

Jon is volunteering 30+ hours a week in a research lab in the hospital. I got to see his lab the other day and it is so fun- all complicated and messy. And Jon gets to wear a lab coat which I think is adorable (he doesn't seem to think its that cool though). He is really enjoying the research and hoping it will turn into a job (cross your fingers!!)

I only have two more weeks left in the quarter. As much as I am enjoying all the learning and the experience of grad school- I am not going to miss this quarter. I've been working hard to get all my papers and projects done. Tomorrow will be nice because I have the day off to really work on some papers.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day!

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Brandon and Bethany said...

Go team Jon! I love it when you update your blog. ;)