Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have been soo anxious waiting to hear back from graduate schools. I am constantly having to self-talk to relax, remember to have some perspective, and be patient. But finally! I have heard from one of my schools!

From Cal Poly SLO today:


You have been selected to be invited to a group interview on Friday, March 12 for our MS in Psychology program. Please let me know if you are able to attend. If so, I will send additional information next week.

Simple. But it is all I needed to help me relax. It is nice to finally hear from a school. (Not that they were lagging, just that I need to be more patient).

I hope to hear from my other two schools by the end of February. I hope I get at least one more invitation to interview.

YAY! Good news!


Carissa May said...

Congratulations Rachel! That's awesome! The waiting is the worst part. I know how you feel.

T-Ray said...

Congrats.... I struggle with patience too.

RobAar said...

Nice work Rachel! I'm sure there are more to come. They all want you... (at least they should) :)