Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jon and I have a new "niece"! Her name is Cali, and we go visit her as often as possible! Take a look:

She is soo cute! We love her little dress and hoodie. Thanks to Jessica and James, we get to play with her when we go over to visit them.

James, Jessica, Jon and I have been able to plan some fun acitivities. We went and visited Grandma Clara in Sandy, and went to Matt and Melanie's and played games. Melanie is so close to having her baby!! Last weekend we went to Allan Mount's LOL (laugh out loud) improv show. It was a total blast to see Allan as his funny self.

Jon and I have been going through some major changes at work. We cut down the office hours to 9am to noon, and have delegated a lot of the responsibilities. This leaves me pretty much off the hook. I was having a difficult time with the unavoidable confrontation with the tenants, and the stress of it didn't feel healthy. So our boss, our maintenance mangers, and us have found creative ways to make the business more efficient. And of course, absent of me (really my favorite part of it all).

Ultimately I truly believe these changes do make things more efficient, and that makes me happy too. It also makes me happy that Jon is sooo good at this job!!! I am so proud of him- right now he is the breadwinner of our little family :) we are happy that he is gaining so much experience and confidence in this field.

I will be looking for a more positive, uplifting job to help keep me busy in the afternoons. I am hoping to work with children or youth.

School is going well, we are half way done with the semester. Classes are busy busy busy, and we are spending a lot of time studying. I am happily doing much better in my classes this semester, and am enjoying them X10000 more! Jon is finding that anatomy is difficult, but he still enjoys it. He is also loving his management classes, and learning more about business.

We are watching in wonderment all of the chaos sorrounding proposition 8. I am hoping for a happy ending, and I hope it comes soon. There is so much hate sorrounding our generation's feelings on this issue. Even from Utah I read on facebook friends turning against friends, name calling, and hurt feelings. Jon and I respect others and their beliefs. However we still hold strongly to the definition of marriage that we uphold, the marriage we participated in, as defined as one man and one woman. God bless the people of California.

I apologize for the lack of update for a while, but know that no news is good news! We are doing well, staying healthy, and looking after each other.

I hope all of you have a happy halloween!

Much love.

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