Monday, October 11, 2010

This Week

I think it is about time this little blog gets an update. I have a hard time thinking of what to write when things are busy but nothing monumental is occurring. So... I will do my best to let you all know whats new.

I am two weeks into my grad program and am totally loving it. I think one of the greatest aspects of going into a program that requires you to be sensitive and kind is that all of your peers are sensitive and kind. I have made some fantastic friends that truly inspire and encourage me in this field.

It is, of course, a lot of work. I am trying to make myself read all the time. I also should be writing every day- in the course of a ten week quarter I will be writing a minimum of 75 pages in papers. One twenty pager, four ten pagers, and some other smaller ones in the mix. I am actually looking forward to it- I prefer papers to exams anyway. Also, almost everything I read and write is interesting to me (another huge benefit of being in a field you love).

Jon is a super-tutor at Merigroup, he loves this job so much. He has a great time explaining physics to his students and sometimes laments about how he wishes they wanted to accomplish more than just their homework, but actually learn the concepts. Nevertheless he is helping them be successful and get good grades at the same time.

He is also studying everyday for the MCAT (the exam you must take to apply to medical school). He has a detailed timeline written out for when to take his exam, when he should put in applications, etc.

Unfortunately we are still crossing our fingers for a full time job. Jon has taken the CBEST in order to qualify him to be a substitute teacher. He will get his scores in 10 days, and if he passed, then he can apply with the San Bernardino school district. We are really hoping this route works out- he would be able to work full time and still keep his tutoring job on the side.

Meanwhile Jon and I got a calling at church that we are very excited about. We are co-teachers for the 6 year old primary kids. This means we get to be their Sunday school teachers and we get to sit with them during primary, singing songs and trying to keep them reverent. We have TEN kids in our class, which feels like a lot! But I am really excited for Jon and I to do this together. The class is mostly boys so Jon will be a really great influence.

That sums up our week in the Van Wickle home. We are loving Redlands and know that we are meant to be here. We also feel incredibly blessed to be affiliated with Loma Linda- they are such a positive, Christian community. It really is an amazing school, I didn't know half of why it was so great when I chose to come here. So all in all, we are very happy. We are hopeful for the future (especially regarding a job!) and look forward to many new adventures.

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doublejtate said...

I think that is so fun that you two are teaching a primary class. You guys will be so amazing at that. I can't wait to hear all the stories.