Friday, June 10, 2011

Good News

Everyone could use a little good news in their life right?

Here is what has been going on for us lately:

1. Remember how Jon was volunteering 30+ hours a week as a research assistant at Loma Linda? Well- they offered him a full time job! Hooray! Jon and I are ecstatic. This is what we hoped for all along- a full time job that is related to medicine.
To be more specific, he works in a perinatal biology lab. He works on an experiment that pretty much takes all day (8 hours)that is really meticulous. He measures protein levels in different cells that come from cerebral arteries (obviously Jon told me that because I have no idea what I'm talking about). He is really enjoying the position because it keeps his interest and he is learning so much.
Now he just has to go through the LLU hiring system, which is notoriously long, to get hired. We are hoping he can be hired on by July.

2. I am finished with this quarter! This horrible, long, demanding quarter. I don't know what it was but this quarter seemed like the most difficult to me. This also means that I am half way done with my masters! This time next year and I will be graduating (oh that sounds soo nice...).
While I am happy this quarter is over, it certainly doesn't start getting easy. Next week I will be involved in a one-week intensive class, the week after that is a break but I have tons of work to do at the clinic. Then- one month intensive summer classes begin! I guess I'll get a break when I graduate. But I am happy to work hard and enjoy my classes and work. It will still be a lot but it will be a new start.

That sums up our good news. Thanks for sharing it with us!