Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Has Arrived

Please notice our new blog header for April- it is decorated in celebration of graduation. Which is just around the corner.

Recently we have been happily involved in James and Jessica's plans for the wedding. My cousin Melanie and I are hosting a shower for Jessica the same weekend of graduation, solely for family members. I am so excited for this event, I think it will be a lovely opportunity for everyone to get to know Jessica.

I have also been designing James and Jessica's wedding invitations which is a total blast. I am considering making it a "side business" if I can improve my skills (and get faster at what I do), I am enjoying making things that fit people's style. James and Jessica are easy to work with as well, which is helpful.

This past weekend Jon and I went to James' apartment which he has decked out in a nice black-and-white (with a little red) theme. Since Jon has so much good experience painting he helped them with a stripe they wanted on the wall, he did a great job.

And he worked really hard while we all watched A Knight's Tale on TV.

What a trooper.

Jon and I have also started to read together again. I got Jon four books for his birthday, and one we were both looking forward to was Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Lightening Thief.

We had heard such good reviews about it, so we have been reading a chapter a night (Ok, maybe sometimes we stay up and read two). It has been so much fun. It has a very Harry Potter feel to it, but with its own angle. We are right in the midst of the action right now and it is always hard to put it down.

While it is March 31st (Happy Birthday Joe!) and supposedly spring, it snowed a little bit today. The rest of the day was overcast and rainy. Initially I was upset our good weather went away, but I am thankful for the moisture- because I want everything to be in bloom for graduation. Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in Utah, I am really looking forward it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Verdict

I've been meaning to blog the "big news" but I've put it on the back burner while I've posted it all over facebook and called and text messaged my family and friends.

So here goes...

I have been accepted to Loma Linda University!

I am so excited to be accepted to this school, in my mind it has always been the top choice. They have an excellent marriage and family therapy program, it really feels like a privilege to be accepted.

Meanwhile, I was wait listed at Cal Poly as #6. I really have no idea if this means I am likely or unlikely to get a spot. I really love Cal Poly, it is a great institution, I also feel lucky to have gotten the opportunity to interview with them.

So... now it is time to ponder, pray, meditate, punch the numbers and consider the options. After a good talk with my parents I feel up to the challenge, whatever it may be, and am excited to continue in my field.

With all the excitement it has been somewhat hard to focus on the school I am attending right now. Only two more weeks and two more days of classes. A total of 27 days until graduation. We are at the home stretch! I am so excited to graduate and it is really starting to hit me- four years have gone by and we are done!

In honor of my soon-to-be graduated self, I registered for the spring classes I will be taking. Mind you- I don't need any more requirements to graduate, I am just taking classes so I can continue to work while Jon takes an extra course. I registered for floral design and basics of clothing construction. I think those will be the perfect spring courses for a recent BYU grad.
And Jon will be taking o-chem. So really, I will need something to entertain myself while he hits the books each day.

It feels like a lot of things are being tied up nicely with string right now. Acceptance letters, finishing semester projects, winter is coming to a close, and we will soon be graduates. There is a lot to look forward to!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Ah... time is flying by. It feels like I just blogged- but it has already been a week. I haven't even changed the white-board calender in our kitchen to March, and we are more than half way done. And then to top it all off- we only have four more weeks of classes! Though I must say, I have no objection to those weeks flying by. So. Close.

This latest weekend trip to California was excellent. Jon got to come with me, and we celebrated his birthday while were there. It was perfect timing, perfect weather, and a really wonderful trip.

We managed to...
-see the ocean
-Jon went on a scenic bike ride
-lie on the hammock (my personal favorite)

-get sun burnt
-eat yummy food
-sing happy birthday to Jon

-get thrifty's ice cream (chocolate malted crunch rules)
-see our friends
-see many of our family members (best part!)
-wear shorts and sandals
-and we actually did homework this time

Overall, a complete success.

I also got the opportunity to interview with Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation and Cal Poly.

Here are some of the things I loved about Cal Poly...
-beautiful area!

-so close to home
-people from a lot of different backgrounds in the program
-2 quarters of training before traineeship
-on-site practicum for therapy

I am a little concerned about feeling like I fit in at this school- I love the people and Cal Poly itself. Perhaps it is just me not being used to the world outside of BYU. I am sure the Lord will guide me to where I can be influenced for good as well as do the most good.

So that is the status of things right now.

As fast and crazy as things feel, I still really cherish these moments. We are making our future. And while I would like to know what that future will look like, I am enjoying the process of getting there.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I just want to give a big congratulations to my brother James and my soon-to-be-sister-in-law Jessica for their engagement!

They are such cuties and I know they make each other happy- it already feels like Jessica is part of the family but I can't wait for it to be "official." I am sure James feels the same way.

I have been eying this penguin hardcover classics set. I think it is so lovely. I might make this a continuing Christmas present, I would love to have the entire collection.

I love how they look miscellaneous but put-together at the same time. Jon and I already have quite a stuffed bookcase, but I don't think we ever plan on stopping investing in books. Our dream house would definitely have a library!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

15 minutes

These past two weeks feel like they can be broken down into 15 minute segments of relaxation. Today, for example:
15 minutes to eat breakfast and check my email
15 minutes to eat lunch/dinner with Jon on campus
15 minutes to blog

I don't mind so much. Being busy in good and productive things is rewarding. I recently heard someone say something along the lines of, "peace of mind doesn't come from inactivity but changing activities."

So I thought I would write a little update regarding my Loma Linda interview. The interview itself went really well, it was intense and unlike any interview I have been in before. Three hours of group interviews, with three different faculty members. It wasn't about your accomplishments or things on your resume, it was more focused on who you are, why you are good for the field and the school, and how you plan on being successful. It was nice to hear what other students had to say and I appreciated insights from the faculty.

Some things I loved about LLU were:
-the campus, it was very charming
-the area, it seems newly developed and all the hills were green from the rain
-the faculty- they were very kind and personable
-the program options- I like the idea of a medical family therapy certificate
-the fact that mom and I only had to travel 30 minutes to visit my brother Joe
-the good reputation of Loma Linda in the community, state, etc.
-the moral standards of the school

The only thing I don't love? The tuition.

It was a great experience interviewing with Loma Linda and I feel lucky that I had the opportunity.

This week will be busy busy busy. Jon and I leave Thursday morning to go to Santa Barbara. We are excited to visit our hometown, our family, to celebrate Jon's birthday and for me to have one more interview.

I will interview with Cal Poly SLO on Friday (as well as Santa Barbara scholarship). I am interested to see the differences in the two programs. I feel a lot more prepared and comfortable with the idea of interviewing after already going through the process with one school.

Thanks for all of you who have thought good wishes or said little prayers. They have helped!

coming soon: Cal Poly interview, Jon's birthday, Goleta adventures

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here Goes...

Tomorrow I fly out for my first interview. I am nervous, but excited. Sometimes I think I am made for this, other days I have no idea why I am even trying. But this is where life had lead me so far and I am going to make the best of it.

Many of my friends have already been accepted into programs (I find myself feeling jealous of them, not because they got in, just because they already know!). They, as well as my professors, explain how important it is to feel like you have a good "fit" with a school. My friends say they just know- they know they can work with these people for the next two years, they feel comfortable there, their areas of interest line up, and their general beliefs are respected or agreed upon. "Fit" sort of feels like an elusive concept, but I hope I experience it, or that I know it when it comes my way.

I will say one thing I immediately like about Loma Linda is their slogan, "to make man whole." Beautiful. They are well-known for their education in health related fields. I like that too.

It is difficult to think beyond Friday afternoon- but I will not be resting easy after this interview. I will fly back to Utah that night, get home pretty late, and teach a workshop in the morning. Myself, as well as a group of three other wonderful girls will be teaching it. We are not sure anyone will come, but are excited nonetheless. It is for a class called Family Life Education- we have spent the semester creating a curriculum for a program and now we get the chance to present it to the public.

Our topic is on conflict in marriage. Our main goals are to normalize conflict as well as give people the skills necessary to feel more confident and better equipped to handle conflict.
I hope it will be enjoyable and someone will learn something from it. As an instructor I know I have benefited from learning the ins and outs of the research behind marriage conflict. (For example- did you know that a healthy couple, outside of conflict situations, give 20 positive messages to their spouse for every negative one?)

This is the logo I made for our group.

I am going to try to ignore the butterflies in my stomach, get some things done to prepare for tomorrow, and get some good sleep! Wish me luck...