Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spreading Good Cheer

I know I haven't been a regular on the blogosphere, but I wanted to be sure to spread some good news.

Jon got a full time job! Hooray!

After 6 long months of searching, penny pinching, and frustration- something came up. Despite all of the networking, interviewing, testing and applications Jon had been working on, this job seemed to come out of thin air. He applied Monday, interviewed Tuesday, had a second all-day interview on Wednesday and got offered the job that afternoon. After all of that work to get a job it was almost insulting how quickly it went ;)

Jon's job is with a company called Business Consulting Solutions. They basically maintain smaller business for bigger business. Jon is in sales, he goes around to small businesses, see if they are happy with whatever product the bigger business offers, and then sees if he can find any promotions or discounts for them. If you're going to be in sales, this is probably the best kind, there are no lies or bad deals in the system. Also the company encourages a lot of progression and promotion- that helps mix things up and keep it interesting.

It seems like Jon will really fit in with this group and he is excited to get started. We both think he will be very successful. And we are both incredibly happy that a job has come his way!

I am proud of Jon for being so diligent during these last six months. He has kept himself busy, applied for jobs out of his comfort zone, really put himself out there for networking, and gained a lot of interview skills. Jon and I have learned a lot of lessons through this process. This is the tightest money has ever been for us. We didn't even realize how lucky we were in undergrad. That life seems extravagant now.

We celebrated last night by going to BJ's and fantasizing about what it will be like to not worry about money as intensely as we do right now. These ideas included things like: "maybe we will go to a movie every once in a while," and "maybe we will not be as afraid of strange noises from our car."

Yup. We are thankful Jon got a job.


Melissa F said...

That is great news!! I'm so glad Jon got a great job! :)

Courtney said...

So glad he found a good job! It is always nice when money isn't so tight. We didn't realize how fortunate our lives used to be (monetarily, of course) until we had a baby. NOW we're poor. :) But VERY happy.

jamie hixon said...

Phew! Always good news to have a paycheck.
Maybe there is something in the air... I haven't been blogging much lately either.

Kaitlin Nunn said...

Congrats on the job, Jon!

Amanda said...

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