Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family! Here are just a few of the lovely highlights of our vacation (so far):

Christmas with the Tate's on the 19th. It was so nice to have everyone together, no matter what day of the month it was.

Jon enjoyed playing with our new game- Wii Fit. It was a hit with the Tates and the Van Wickles!

We have totally been enjoying the weather! Even we sometimes forget just how nice it is here.

And of course we've been having fun with the Van Wickle's. Jon loves spending time with the boys. This is from a hike to lizard's mouth.

Today we opened presents at Jon's and went to a movie with my parents and Amy. So far, so good. We are so thankful we have another week to soak up the sun and play with the family! More updates to come. Hope all of your Christmas' are just as delightful.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas at our place!

FIRST- because Jon and I are so sad we couldn't be there and SO happy for this person: JAKE! Congratulations on graduating from Cal Poly!!! We hope it was amazing and can't wait to hear what comes next for you.

SECOND- we are DONE with finals! Sometimes I feel like I live life counting down- just until the weekend, just until this exam is over, once this project is finished or once the semester wraps up. I try to be happy and find the joy in the process but there really is a positive and uplifting feeling about wrapping up a semester. It is like you have accomplished something, progressed forward and now you can look back and appreciate it. Really, this semester has had its ups and downs, but I loved my time and it flew by!

THIRD- Jon and I had the perfect ending to our semester. Here is what we did today.

We went to our "final" for English where we watched 11 presentations. As interesting as these topics were- it got old real fast.

Then we got to go to the temple.
ok so this wasn't a good part of our day but it is true: Satan made us get in a fight. ANY time we go to the temple something big happens and changes our plans or we get into a "nothing fight." Meaning really- the "fight" is about nothing. Jon quickly pointed out we must be doing some important work at the temple to cause us to have a nothing fight. We made up quickly after that.
The temple was perfect, peaceful and I felt truly relaxed and happy. You always come out of the temple feeling cleansed and renewed.
The Provo temple kind of looks like a cup cake:

View of the sunset from temple grounds:

We then went out to dinner at GoodWood. Yumm. We even got dessert, which I really shouldn't have done but I did anyway. It was delicious.
I realize this picture is kind of dark, I didn't want to use flash in the resturant. It also makes it look like Jon doesn't have a hand:

We ended our evening opening our Christmas presents to each other. I got Jon's watch fixed so he can finally wear it again and got him a new belt. He got me a blow-dryer and a pyrex pan. Seriously, I know it sounds lame, but those gifts were perfect for me. Things I really needed and didn't want to buy myself- also, completely practical.

Jon snoozed off while watching the Dark Knight and I went to the gym. I am trying to get off my work out high so I can get some sleep. Tomorrow we go to work, pack up, and head home! We sure are excited to see everyone.

One last thing, today I made little thank you notes for my professors and supervisor who wrote me letters of rec. I like how they turned out- simple but personal:

Up next: California Christmas Adventures

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2 years ago, yesterday...

This is a little embarrassing, but at 11:30 last night in the shower I remembered: It's December 15th! Two years ago (yesterday) Jon asked me to marry him and I said YES!

I don't know if people are supposed to remember the day they got engaged, or celebrate it... Jon and I aren't as big on that as I know others are. With everything except our wedding date, we typically remember and say congratulations and go about our day. Nevertheless, I am happy we got engaged, despite how much we had talked about it I remember being so incredibly nervous. I could tell Jon was as well. I often tell people that saying yes was the best decision I ever made- and I mean it.

We sure are lucky to have each other. Last night, after I remembered I crawled into bed and whispered to Jon that it was our engagement anniversary. He said something like "oh that's nice," and really- that was enough for me. Supporting each other during finals, secretly buying Christmas presents for the other, working out together- all of those things were enough of an anniversary celebration for me.

Love you, Jon.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiny Update

Finals week has began! I don't want to bore everyone with the details. All you need to know is Jon and I have been studying hard and looking forward to the end of the semester. It has been a good term and we are glad we had a couple of classes together.

We are soo excited for Christmas break and seeing our family. We leave the 18th, the last day of finals! Hooray!

I've "finished" all of my grad school applications! Now I just have to make sure everyone does their letters of rec in time, make sure all of my information has been received and wait patiently. Ha. Patiently.

After Thursday afternoon, the scheduled time for our last final, we will be done and hopefully doing more entertaining things to blog about. Until then - good luck with your finals and Christmas plans!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Good Morning snow

I woke up this morning and looked out our window to find this:

Its time to truly welcome the winter!

I spent this weekend designing the Tate Christmas card, listening to Christmas music and adding to / looking at wishlists. It is a good time of year. Happy Holiday Season everyone.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Moment of Celebration

I never have to take the GRE again!!! I am sooo happy.
After trying to take it once but them not letting me because of name change and ID issues, I am so so so happy to be finished with it.

As I've been told by many people, "all the GRE represents is how well you take the GRE".

I am happy enough with my score, and ready to move on to bigger and better things!