Sunday, September 27, 2009

I wish...

that I had important things to say. Life has been pretty routine, but luckily, we consider that a happy happy thing.

Jon and I made a goal to go to the temple every week this month. I can successfully state that we dressed up and WENT to the temple 4 times, though we only participated in the ordinances twice. One of the times we had lost a lot of time trying to get our temple clothes, and the other (yesterday) it was closing early. Either way, it has been an inspiring goal, and we have learned a lot from our attempts, and our times that we have been able to participate.

Yesterday Jon and I were both successful in our newest goals. At 8am I picked up three of my friends and we went up Provo canyon for a run. We went from Bridal Veil falls down to the base of Provo canyon (where it splits, to Orem or Provo). We were told it was going to be 8 miles total, so we planned on having someone to pick us up at the bottom. It was SO beautiful! The leaves were changing colors, the sky was clear, there was a crisp fall feeling in the air- it made for a really inspirational run. By the time we got to the bottom it was clear that it had not been 8 miles! So we decided to turn around and run back up. Yikes, a little uphill, and against the wind made it tougher than we expected. However, we all finished successfully! Melissa and my goal was 6 miles, but we completed about 7.5. We were all happy with how we did.

Jon had another shift at the emergency room and got to deal with some cranky people. Jon is very good with difficult people, since his feathers don't get ruffled very easily. He also witnessed the wide variation of people you get in the ER- those with real problems, and those with minor problems that they consider more serious than the people dying in pain who got there after them, but still get to go in first. Ahh, to be a young volunteer with no authority, attempting to appease such people. I have all the confidence in Jon that he did well, and I am proud of him. Jon gets a whopping $4.50 to use for food for every shift he works, so he will sometimes pick us up beverages or treats. It is very cute, to have him pick things out for the two of us. (You can tell we don't buy things like that very often... haha)

Well, today we have done 5 loads of laundry. I am pretty sure that sums up my day- along with church, a delicious dinner of parmesan chicken and pasta, and baking cookies. I have limited myself to only baking once a week... so those cookies were awesome.

Now Jon is waving his arms around trying to explain to me how "senovial joints" work. So I am going to go pretend I understand. And eat a cookie. Good night all- enjoy this upcoming week!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jon had his first day volunteering at the Emergency Room at the Intermountain hospital, (finally, but we are not complaining) and he loved it! He got to put together people's charts, put their security bracelets on, get wheelchairs and blankets for people, and take them into back rooms to meet the doctor. It is definitely busy on a Saturday evening, so he got to see a variety of people. From people in handcuffs to little kids, you get it all in the ER.

This morning I ran five miles with my good friend Melissa, and have officially signed myself up for a half marathon. Many people at work are joining in, and I am pretty excited. 6 weeks of training left, it will be on Halloween. People are invited to wear costumes, so I figure it will be the most entertaining half marathon around town. It is also an "easy' course since it is almost all downhill or flat- we go from Sundance down to the Riverwood shopping malls in Provo. I am also expecting it to be a beautiful run. Hooray!

So Jon and I are staying busy and productive. We have lots of good goals this semester, we can't wait to let you know how it all goes!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Special Thanks

Despite the current economic situation going on in our country, as well as health care, war and other policy problems- I would like to express a certain thank you to our government.

When you are declared an independent, in college, and poor enough you qualify for government pell grants. Jon and my education were paid in full this year by government pell grants, and we truly cannot be more grateful. They make getting through school and working at low pay possible for us. I have many married friends who are in the same situation as us. It seems like we should say more "thank yous", we really are blessed.

Also a special thank you to Santa Barbara Scholarship for giving Jon living expenses, as well as the government SMART grant for science majors.

Sometimes it just seems like when we do our checkbook we come out even every month. But luckily we have been able to putting away savings, and live beyond groceries and rent. Sometimes it is easy to forget why that is, and what makes life comfortable. So I would like to be sure that I express my gratitude for all types of scholarships and aid for students.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Computer Help

If any of my Santa Barbara readers ever have any computer problems, I am happy to say that my very own computer specialist is opening herself up to freelance work. My sister Amy is an IT specialist, and knows her way around all types of computer problems- small and big. She has been a necessary help for me and my lap top, and my family always takes advantage of her knowledge. Bottom line: she seriously knows her stuff!

So if you have a computer problem, feel free to contact her. She will be happy to give you estimates on cost, and will definitely charge less than other companies.

She was also kind enough to let me design her business cards, and send her about a bazillion drafts until we got the final one done. You can find her contact information on the image below!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Real Man

Does the dishes in purple gloves.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nouns and books and show and tell: Back to school

Fall term has started. The first day of Jon and my senior year. Here is a brief list of random thoughts we have had thus far...

1. 400 level teachers have convinced themselves that 400 classes are hard, and like to tell their students that their classes are hard. Isn't that what 200 and 300 level classes prepared us for?

2. Jon and I have 2 classes together. It is fun, and kind of sweet. I think we will be less competitive this time around.

3. It is weird for campus to be so full of people. We used to think we had campus all to ourselves. We are cattle again, elbowing our way through the halls.

4. We like our professors. Having some great professors really makes a difference.

5. I am questioning grad school. Now that I should be applying. It doesn't feel quite right anymore. Sigh. I wish future me would tell me what to do.

6. Jon and I have some good goals set up for this semester. They will remain a mystery until we accomplish something, then I will be willing to share.

7. When did we ever get homework done? Vacation made me forget how this works.

8. We like BYU. We like our majors.