Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Congratulations to JON VAN WICKLE for getting his first 4.0 in college!
What a smarty-pants! Physiology, bio-mechanics, religion and accounting, WOW!

Congratulations to me for finishing the semester! As my mom taught me early in college: you must grade yourself in other areas of your life for true judgement. How did you do with other new things that were a first for you? These are my winter semester life grades..

Healthy Cooking A-
I've definitely improved
Moving in the middle of the Semester A
unexpected, but we pulled it off gracefully
Finding New Jobs A
took us less than one month
Exercise A+
this is my week 7 of going 5 times a week, for an hour each time!

Yay for us!

Monday, April 27, 2009

First Day of School

I wish I felt like this guy...
for the first day of spring term, tomorrow. What a trooper.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finals Report

The Final Finals Report..
we will not know our grades until next week, but I would say we had a pretty successful finals week. Now, if it hasn't been made clear, the majority of this blog is meant for the sole purpose of bragging about Jon, for my sake and the sake of his family, who lovingly read my every word to get updates.

Living with Jon during school has been an enlightening experience. Jon is probably one of the most dedicated students I know, and I'm not just saying that because I like him. In fact, sometimes it is difficult to live with someone who won't stop to help you finish something, or eat, because they are to busy pouring their brains out over some scientific subject. Despite these things, I love that Jon is such a hard worker and studies so well. He consistently comes home with amazing test grades, and I consistently smile and think "well he did study three times as much as I did..." and then pride myself in his efforts. I also feel stress with his stress, and know what a big deal all of this is to him.

So, you can sense the overall feeling in our home regarding school work, and it has turned into a running joke. Well, during finals week, I went to an early morning scheduled final, for my most difficult class of the semester. I took 2 1/2 hours on the final, and felt that it was challenging, but I did better than usual and that it seemed easier than the other tests. I checked my grade online later that day, and to my amazement, saw a 99%. I have never, in my entire academic life, managed a grade that high. I was especially happy, because it brought my grade for a B+ to an A-, hooray! Jon and I didn't see each other until that evening. Upon getting home, I asked Jon how his tests went. "Fine" he said, with a smile. I pushed him further. One A, and then for accounting? 100%. I started laughing, and told him I didn't want to tell him my grades any more. My grade? Oh.. only a 99%. Jon and I had a good laugh, in that the one time I come out with an amazing grade, he out-does me. Though, I don't think I would have it any other way. As I experienced our first semester at BYU, sometimes beating Jon does not feel good at all. Ultimately, everything is amazingly blissful, since we both pulled off great grades. (I do have to note- this is not Jon's first 100% on a final, he also got one in Physics while at UCSD).

I hope you all can see the humor in that story, as Jon and I did.

Here is our run down (from the best that I remember)

Bio Mechanics: 98%
Religion: 88%
Accounting: 100% (barf!)
Physiology (most difficult): 92%

Family Processes: 82%
Biology: 88%
Family Finance: 84%
Research and Inquiry: 99%
Family History: not sure yet.. but I feel pretty good about it

We celebrated the finish of finals by going out for a quick bite to eat, and then crashing and taking a long nap. Life is good.
Jon started his window-washing job on Tuesday, and has been getting used to getting up early again. We are enjoying this break, and start spring term next Tuesday. Busy busy busy. We appreciate all of your support during this crazy time. Love you all.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Van Wickle Family History

This semester I have been taking a family history class, and learning all about how to research your ancestors. This was partially inspired by Grandma Joan, and here enthusiasm at Christmas time, when she was searching on

Here are some random things I learned about the family this semester..

first: I got the opportunity to interview Grandma Joan about her life. Did you know that she went to the same high school that Elizabeth Taylor and Ann Rice? And that she initially wanted to be a flight attendant, but you had to be a certified nurse, and she didn't handle the sight of blood very well. Also, her favorite place to travel has been England, and she has lived in the same house for 50+ years! She even told me all about Santa Barbara at its beginning, and how it was all "newly weds and nearly deads". So interesting! If any of you want the transcription of the interview, let me know!
Also, I spent quite a bit of time getting information on the Willis side of the family, but it looks like those records are going to need to be requested from the county.
As for the Van Wickle side however, I got some great information, and added a generation to the family tree! True success!
Please meet: Andrew D. Van Wickle who is, Rick and David's great-great-grandfather. Why is this important? Well, as stated in the section of the book pictured below, he was born in New York. Since New York is often the starting place of immigrants, if we can find information on him, and therefore information on his parents, we just might be able to find out where the Van Wickle's em migrated from! I am hoping it is only one more generation back. Very exciting!

Also, here is a picture of the Shelby Pharmacy that was co-established by Frank Van Wickle (Rick and David's great-grandfather). Frank bought out his partner and ended up enlarging the business by adding groceries. This was in Oceana, Michigan.

I hope the Van Wickle's found some value in this information. I am more than happy to send you the articles or sources if you would like to do some searching of your own.


the newest Van Wickle :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Visits and Concerts

Various Pictures..
sorry that I don't have more of the Van Wickle's visit! It was a blast- we went to a comedy show, out to yummy resturants, Jon and Rick went snowboarding, and Joy and I got manicures and walked up to Bridal Falls, couldn't have been better :)

Here is a picture of the outside of our 4-plex, cute huh?

Jon and Rick getting ready to snowboard at Sundance!
Brett Dennen Concert- we went with James and Jessica. It was a last minute decision, but were sure glad we did it.
Brett Dennen has very optimistic / happy music. He does NOT look like you would expect, here is a picture of him:

Us in the concert:

Outside the concert.. I think we waited out there for an hour because it was general admission, only to find out it was a standing concert, haha, but it was worth it for good spots

So happy! We have fun! Brett's bus is behind us.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good News Minute

I have random various things I want to blog about.. and I have been trying to decide how to do it... and thus have been avoiding blogging.

Anyway, here is my random information.

First: Jon and I got jobs! Yay!
I am currently working as an office assistant / reference assistant in the Harold B. Lee Library. I am in the social sciences / history / education department, soon to be linked to economics and management. I have had one week on the job, and so far, so good. It is amazing that I am now learning how to do all of this research.. I should have known this years ago!

Jon has gotten what we think is a seasonal job working on the grounds- as a high window washer. A little random we know, but it pays way better than most on-campus jobs. They haven't started yet because they are waiting for the weather to clear up. We are not quite sure when that will be??

We only have TWO DAYS left of classes!!! I have been busting my booty this weekend because I have a lot of projects due. Jon is cool and calm since he is just waiting for finals.

I will soon post
A. pictures from Joy and Rick's visit
B. pictures from the Brett Dennen concert we went to last weekend, loved it!
C. information about Van Wickle ancestry that I found today in the Family History Library in SLC! Very interesting!

And.. to add to my random note.. Natalie and Mark got engaged!!! This pretty much is the best news ever, since Natalie is one of my very best friends, and Mark is such a nice guy! We are very happy for them. They are currently on a trip in Boston (they got engaged while there). We are picking them up from the airport on Thursday and all going to Emilie and Nick's wedding (another amazingly wonderful couple, and good friends). I am looking forward to seeing my Idaho friends there. Hooray!