Monday, June 30, 2008

Move-In Day!

We were told on Friday, at midnight that we wouldn't be able to move in on Saturday. We were all packed up and were tired of having the date pushed back, so we convinced them to let us move. We started packing the U-haul at 2, and were all moved in at about 8pm. Seeing this empty moving truck was the best feeling in the world!Our muscles were super tired by the end of the day, as were we. We celebrated by going to CPK and using our fantastic celebration gift card! (thanks Joy!!) It was just what we needed at the end of the day. We also needed to get groceries to get through Sunday, so we went and just got the necessities. Then we plunked down for some deep sleep. However, before 6am I woke up to the thought, "did we ever take in the groceries??" I woke Jon up and we had to go out and get them. Luckily our items survived. Haha
Bethany, Brandon and baby Chandler stopped by on their long trip to Oregon! We loved spending some hours with them on Sunday, and it was really fun to cook for the first time in the condo, with them there as company.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last weekend Phyllis and Kathleen came to visit us and take us out to dinner. It was so fun to learn about their history with Joy and Ruth, they immediately felt like family. They took us to Tucanos and I was happily surprised when they helped themselves to plenty of meat, and felt totally comfortable in the high energy environment. We soon learned their father was a meat cutter- no wonder! :)

Jon got to help out Dr. Moore at a chiropractic both at a health fair this Monday. He learned how to do posture analysis, and learned a lot about different schools and the philosophy behind chiropractic medicine.

We've trained even more this week, and have been rolling our eyes at all of the rude people. A lot of kids come in expecting a 5 star resort and complain that the kitchen is too small, or ask how new we are when we ask the manager a question. We just swallow our words because they look around and soon realize that is by far the best housing for UVU students, and it is sooo much better than the other places around here. Certainly better than any other student housing I've lived in! We also had someone who was mad because there was a $3 charge for putting his deposit on his card. I believe thats pretty standard.. but we offered to refund his $3. (but I plan on explaining he should always expect that with rent or school) Just amazing the little experiences we're having :)

We've been told we can move in on Saturday *cross your fingers* The carpets are getting cleaned in the morning, so they'll be ready that afternoon. We are getting so excited, especially since we will be showing off our own condo to the prospective residents. This gives us an excellent excuse to decorate well, and really make it feel open and home-y. We feel truly blessed.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Jon and I have been talking a lot about improving our "look". We've made a pact to not tell anyone at our new job how old we are.. in the fear that they'll think they have an upper hand by being older than us. Thus.. we bought Jon some new sneakers that aren't skate shoes, look more dressed up, are still comfortable- and they were on sale!
Here is a picture:

And of course I couldn't resist looking.. I got a small clutch for a great price as well!
It was a fun evening, and buying something for ourselves feels like a real treat now. We had a good time :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jon and I have been enjoying training this week. We've been learning all the tricks of the trade; like telling people there are only 10 spots left- so they'll hurry and sign a contract. Its been really fun to learn all of the new things.
The managers left Jon and I in charge for a couple hours today, we took some silly pictures during a slow time. Here is our new office!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day to Jon and my pops :) we love them

Tomorrow Jon and I start training at summerwood condos. We're pretty excited, and Jon is definitely looking forward to getting some work to do. We're hoping we get to move in on Saturday.

go ahead and watch our favorite commercial:

we like it :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today Jon and I walked down to the Little Italy on 300 south. We got the most delicious gelato. Jon got cookies and cream and I got mint n' chip.
(PS I did not take this picture! I just googled it, sorry for the misconception!)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

property management

Jon and I are very excited, yesterday we got a call from Trevor Woolf, the owner of Summerwood Condos and he said he wanted to meet with us. We were worried, trying to prepare how to best sell ourselves- and we felt positive he was calling back other couples as well for interviews. We were happily surprised when we got there, the current property managers invited us into their home and kept saying things like, "if you get this job, we can leave this table and these chairs for you" and "if you get this job, you can start moving in, in late June". Then the owner came, and told us all three of them unanimously decided that we were the ones for the job. He said we were young and there were other couples with much more experience, but he got the feeling from us that 1. we would take pride in our work, like it was our own and 2. he can trust us. We are very happy and know that there is higher power involved. He had received our thank you email, stating that we really desired to work as a team so we could both finish school. We kept praying that his heart and mind could be expanded to consider and understand our solution. And thank heavens he did! We stayed and talked with the three of them for nearly 2 hours as they swapped stories and laughed. We can tell that this owner has a very big heart and will really be there to help us out. As Jon said, its really rewarding to have a complete stranger choose you and trust you with something so important and sensitive.

take a look at the website, you can see pictures at:

We are looking forward to training next week, and moving in in about 2 weeks.
I, however, am not looking forward to telling that to my current boss today. It is for the best, but I've never quit a job.

Jon and I met with 3 other couples from church last night for family home evening. We played cranium for a long long time, and then called it quits. Jon and I amazingly came in second place, even though we were probably the least competitive couple.

Good things are happening for the Van Wickle's :)